Welcome to our fantastic sponsors for 2018!

WHY5Research is a global specialized diagnostic market research agency that reveals the hidden motivations in people's choices towards brands, products, services and institutions by asking: why, who, what, where and when? WHY5research tailor made qualitative and quantitative research: from in-depth understanding of people and their behaviour, to evaluation of ideas and tracking of marketing mix elements. WHY5Research provides worldwide custom market research solutions to corporate, government and non-profit clients, with particular specialists and expertise in: • FMGC Consumer Goods & Durable Goods; • Automotive • Financial Services, Banking & Payments • Health Care & Pharmaceuticals • Media & Advertising • Retail & Restaurants; • Travel & Tourism • Technology, eBusiness & Telecommunications. WHY5Research conducts research in more than 50 countries out of its EMEA offices in Antwerp and Dubai.
Discuss.io is the leading live video solution for enabling brands to discover actionable insights and build consumer connections at scale. When brands have frequent and direct conversations, they deepen empathy and understanding for the consumer, create better products, and deliver more effective marketing. Discuss.io provides a live video platform and end-to-end services, including recruiting and moderation, for an all-in-one or flexible solution to enable quick, easy, and scalable access to consumers around the world to stakeholders across the organization. Discuss.io makes it easy to ask questions when you have them and develop a more consumer-centric organization.
Oppobot is a digital tool (SaaS) that streamlines concept creation and testing process. It provides instant access to global B2C audiences through Research Now SSI. Our clients are mainly international consumer goods and services companies. It is a perfect match for businesses who want to identify growth opportunities faster, cheaper and more systematically. Oppobot allows businesses to focus their energy on the most value-creating tasks: crystallizing ideas and analyzing test results. Oppobot does the rest: creates valid and reliable test questions, and generates test results, comparisons and benchmarks. Ask for demo: www. oppobot.io.
Cambridge Consultants
  • Cambridge Consultants
Cambridge Consultants is a world-class supplier of innovative product development engineering and technology consulting. We work with companies globally to help them manage the business impact of the changing technology landscape. With a team of more than 800 staff in the UK, the USA, Singapore and Japan, we have all the in-house skills needed to help you – from creating innovative concepts right the way through to taking your product into manufacturing. Most of our projects deliver prototype hardware or software and trials production batches. Equally, our technology consultants can help you to maximise your product portfolio and technology roadmap.
Enghouse Interactive
Enghouse Interactive delivers technology and expertise to maximise the value of every customer interaction. Core technologies include contact centre, attendant console, IVR, diallers, call recording and speech analytics solutions that support any telephony environment, on premise or in the cloud. It’s flagship solution, Enghouse Interactive CCSP, delivers multi-media functionality into a single, fully integrated contact centre solution. It provides cloud contact center solution to businesses of every size and industry, brings new contact centres online within days, offers customers rich omnichannel features in a powerful and intuitive agent interface. Enjoy instant scalability, security, dedicated to total flexibility and agility.
Toluna provides consumer insights designed to empower success in todays on-demand, global economy. Powered by the perfect fusion of technology, expertise, and the largest global community of influencers at the ready, Toluna delivers rich, reliable, real-time insights to individuals, and companies of all sizes. Our automated consumer insights platform, TolunaInsights™ underpins everything we do. Clients can access the platform directly, leverage Toluna’s managed services, or create fully-customized digital consumer insights programs via our engineered services. TolunaInsights was built to complement QuickSurveys, Toluna’s on-demand platform designed for quick-turn, automated research. Toluna is committed to promoting Insights on Demand, an entirely new way for businesses to obtain insight and understand constantly shifting consumer sentiment and taste in the on-demand economy. Toluna is a founding member of the Insights on Demand Consortium, a multi-lateral group that's advancing the principles and adoption of Insights on Demand. The company has 24 offices globally spanning Europe, North America, South America, Asia Pacific, and MENA.
Context creates connection
To successfully build purposeful relationships with your customers, you need to connect to them before you set your offer. You need to understand their context, engage in a dialogue first. Then you can meet them with your product/service, right price and right message. By gaining insights, you can reach a point of equilibrium, the powerful spot where all answers define your essence, your product and price. EDV uses the Atenga Predictive Demand Analysis that provides your business with insights about your top line value and what market segments are most willing to purchase your product or service.
Redslim enriches both internal and external data sources to make them easy to navigate, integrate and analyse, both centrally and globally. Our clients are usually headquarters or central functions who use data to make business decisions and want access to all their markets and categories in one place, with a simple and straightforward reporting experience. Clients can now have the most complete and holistic vision of their markets around the world and focus on growth strategy, white space analysis, competitor dynamics, resource allocation and results tracking. They can accurately, simply and effectively ACTIVATE all their data assets.
Founded in 1998, Cint is a technology company developing solutions that transform and accelerate how marketers and researchers gather insights. Cint’s mission is to power greater efficiencies within the sample supply chain, leading to smarter, faster, less costly access to insights. The company’s Sample Management Platform is the world’s only solution build to enhance sample procurement, sample fulfillment and panel management functions. At the core of Cint’s Sample Management Platform is the Insight Exchange - a fully transparent marketplace, working to more efficiently connect people with insights to share and marketers and researchers who are seeking their insights.